Cryptocurrency Donations


We’re not cryptic about cryptocurrencies.

We believe that whilst cash fights the climate crisis – most cryptocurrencies contribute to it.

We have in the past accepted several coins. Digital currencies make up a higher and higher proportion of transactions globally, including donations to charities, and whilst we are of course very grateful to donors who chose to support Cool Earth in this way we cannot accept any more at this stage.

As a climate charity we cannot ignore the growing environmental impact of mined cryptocurrencies. As cryptocurrencies become more widely used, so has their resulting carbon footprint.

We are currently exploring alternative cryptocurrencies with a lower environmental impact, as well as ensuring they align closely with our ethical fundraising policy.

We love that you care about our mission to back people living in rainforests to protect it. You can show that you care in many different ways. If you still would like to support people protecting rainforests, you can donate online here or via a bank transfer using these details.

We hope you respect our decision and are with us in finding more sustainable sources of climate-fighting cash.

Thank You.