The Institute of Adventure Research

Ever wonder how an Adventure is spawned?

An Adventurist Update

Have you worked your way through the entire list of adventures and found yourself wanting more? Fear not, The Adventurists push the limits when it comes to dreaming up fantastic ways to get yourself into sticky situations, and have a whole institute dedicated to being fools.

How does it work?

Step 1: The Test Run.

The members of the Institute go out and whip up a sort of adventuring mess and inflict it upon themselves. If they come out the other end thinking this was in fact a very splendid thing to do and is something the world needs, the adventure progresses onto…

Step 2: The Pioneers Adventure.

At this point The Adventurists send out invites to some of the fine folk they’ve spotted enjoying other adventures requesting their help to pioneer the full-blown edition. If the pioneers come out the other end of that with a good percentage of limbs it moves on to…

Step 3: The Full Adventure.

Where it gets offered to you, the people, to help in your own fight to make the world less boring.

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