April 2019 Social Media Pack Blog

Collective action and optimism; from the climate strikes to the boardroom. Twenty years ago, it would have been unimaginable. Millions of people in hundreds of countries taking to the streets to demand action on climate change. The power and potential of collective action was clear.

The recent climate strikes were a ground swelling of optimism. Millions of people wouldn’t travel across the country and take to the streets if they weren’t convinced of the collective power of optimism and climate action. There would be no point in marching if it was felt that climate change is a done deal.

Research warns of a 10% hit to GDP as a result of a warming climate1. And while some countries may be able to absorb this income reduction, many countries worldwide will become uninsurable, uninvestable and, ultimately, unliveable. Adaptation to the effects of climate change is no mean feat for millions worldwide.

We are all too aware that as a business, we are in a unique position to not only make a real difference to climate change, but to help those who are least able to adapt to increase their resilience.

Businesses are starting to take leadership through their actions. From investing in low-carbon technologies to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting forest programmes, green-washing and negativity are being forced out.

Together, we’re championing rainforest and taking positive action. To do our part for the planet, people and wildlife, we’re investing in rainforest with Cool Earth. Working around the world with local communities, they help keep the power of forest protection in the hands of those best placed to keep them protected.

Even if we never see rainforest for ourselves, we still know how important it is. From keeping carbon stored to producing the oxygen we breathe, it plays an immensely vital role in our daily lives, right around the globe. We know that the smartest action we could take, and lasting legacy to leave, would be to ensure that rainforest is still standing strong at the end of this century. The future of our climate, economy and life as we know it depends on it.

No longer should a job be a mundane 9-5, leave it at the door, separate part of people’s lives. A job should give you a chance to leave a lasting, positive impression on others, right around the world. Our employees require positive action from their career and our customers demand it.

By focusing on tropical deforestation, Cool Earth is addressing one of the most important global issues, and by supporting rainforest communities, together we’re helping to empower the people that are capable of making a real and lasting difference.

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