April 2020 Social Media Pack Blog

We know this is a trying time all-round. For businesses planning the coming months, for employees managing WFH alongside childcare or the dog trying to join in Zoom calls, it’s a bit overwhelming.

That’s why this month, we wanted to share all the resources we have to keep you, your teams and your families entertained and feeling positive through the days at home.

So whether it’s virtually gathering your team together for a rainforest-themed pub quiz, or switching off and just colouring in for 15 minutes, do take the time to breathe. And let us know what you would like to see in the coming weeks. We’re in this together.

Blog Rainforest Kitchen From medicines to coffee, there are lots of things in our homes that come from rainforest originally. Why not see if you can find 10 things that are only in your kitchen thanks to the rainforest.
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