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August 2019 Social Media Pack Blog

July’s UN report demonstrates that global progress is being made in some critical areas of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Extreme poverty has declined considerably, immunizations have saved millions of lives, and 186 parties have ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change. The use of SDGs as guidance continues to go from strength to strength. A wide range of actors, from international organisations to businesses, the scientific community to civil society, have ‘engaged with the SDGs in a manner that generates great hope for the coming decade’1.

But despite this progress, this recent report highlights many areas that need urgent collective attention. The loss of forests is slowing but still continues at an alarming rate; one million plant and animal species are at risk of extinction and an estimated 20% of the Earth’s land area was degraded between 2000 and 2015.

The severity of the situation requires immediate action and the report highlights areas that can drive progress across all 17 SDGs including financing, resilience, more effective institutions and harnessing local action, technology and innovation.

And that’s what your smart support is doing with Cool Earth. Our plans to achieve 30 new and evaluated partnerships by 2030 around the world are ambitious, but with our business partners’ backing, we know we can continue tackling key SDGs and achieve this urgent climate action.

July’s update to the IUCN Red List reminded us that not only is it the fauna of Earth that is threatened with extinction, but plants too. With 5,000 species of tree added to the threatened list, it’s clear that we mustn’t forget about these crucial species, the ones that cannot migrate away from deforestation, climate threats or bad weather.

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“The rainforest’s stability is an insurance for my life irrespective of where I live on the planet. That is why supporting Cool Earth is such an important climate action.”
Professor Dr Johan Röckstrom, Co-author of the “Hothouse Earth” theory

Learning the best ways to protect rainforest and share these approaches around the globe is more important than ever to protect Earth’s trees. With your investment, Cool Earth is doing this and much more. Together, we’re working towards key SDGs and a host of other benefits that effective, community-led conservation can bring.

Thank you for supporting rainforest communities to protect wildlife habitat, keep rainforest standing and feel empowered to achieve their life goals. Turning ambition into action to achieve a sustainable future together.

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