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August 2020 Social Media Pack Blog

Can you remember the last time you had a conversation about deforestation or climate change? Understandably, the world’s focus is elsewhere at the moment. But think back to last August and the devastating scenes of forest fires. It’s set to be the same, if not worse, in 2020.

June’s fires this year in the Amazon rainforest surpassed any other in the last decade2 and a new study warns that with the regional climate becoming hotter and drier, future fires could be even more damaging. The amount of forest burned could double by 2050 and consume a staggering 16% of Earth’s rainforest1.

The prevention and control of these fires is essential. Fire-related air pollution already threatens public health and as the Covid-19 virus affects respiratory systems, this is more important than ever 3.


That’s why it is essential to keep the conversation about the environment going. Not just for the wealth of wildlife that calls rainforest home, or for its vital role in carbon storage, but for the indigenous and isolated communities who will be most greatly affected by their forest’s destruction, and the spread of COVID-19.

Life for indigenous and rainforest communities is precarious. COVID-19 is now making life so much harder and we want to help those who are facing exacerbated financial poverty due to this pandemic provide for their families and reduce pressure on their forest. Cool Earth, alongside our local partners, is helping local communities access necessities, food, medical equipment and cash to survive these trying times. With the threat of fires worsening each year, we’re determined to do all that we can to help protect people and planet by supporting the best ways to keep rainforest standing strong.

We owe rainforest communities everything. It’s a difficult year but we can do a huge amount of good together. With the continued support of passionate supporters like you, we can carry on making a difference for rainforest communities.

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