February 2020 Blog

In January, the 15th edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report was published as world leaders met in Davos. It warned that a range of critical climate risks are manifesting greater than ever. It’s yet another wake-up call for the climate that can’t be ignored.

For millions around the world, climate change is far from an intangible, far-off concept. It’s happening now and more rapidly than many could have expected.

The world’s most vulnerable are now living with the daily consequences of a changing climate; extreme weather, flooding, droughts. Global predictions of an average temperature rise of 1-3C are worrying but mask the extremes, of which there are many. Droughts and extreme flooding, sea-level rise and changes in ocean currents, failed crops and increased diseases to name a few.

But we can be the ones to make a difference to the future of Earth’s climate and take positive action, together.

It’s clear that protecting rainforest is the most effective and essential action we can take to reduce carbon emissions, safeguard wildlife, support indigenous peoples and combat climate breakdown. By putting local people first and helping them to develop sustainable incomes, we can outprice deforestation and change lives.

With the support of Cool Earth’s smart business partners, we’re working around the world to do just that. As the Global Risks Report warns, stakeholders who have the ability to make a difference must act quickly and with purpose. That’s exactly what you’re doing. Helping Cool Earth work with rainforest communities to develop and share the methods that will reduce inequality and protect rainforest.

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