January 2020 Social Media Pack Blog

“Figuring out how to support better lives while keeping the forest standing deserves some of the innovation billions that go to carbon storage and better batteries.”
Matthew Owen, Cool Earth Director

When it comes to technology that will shape a future stable climate, what springs to mind? To us, there’s only one answer. And it, too often, remains overlooked in the movement for urgent climate action.

It’s the oxygen-producing, carbon-sequestering, nitrogen-fixing, water-releasing, self-replicating technology that is a tree.

Around the world, millions of trees are found in hot, humid and vital rainforest. With tropical forests estimated to provide 23% of the climate change mitigation needed to keep warming under 2 degrees by 2030, we must keep it standing strong and empower local people to protect it.

As we go into 2020, one thing remains overwhelmingly clear; local and indigenous peoples are the best forest custodians. They just need support to put effective forest protection into practice.

You may have already seen the recent Guardian article, ‘Money and maps: is this how to save the Amazon’s 400bn trees?’

In the write-up, journalist Clare Longrigg follows the turbulent history of the indigenous Asháninka, where Cool Earth’s longest-running partnerships can be found.

We know that local people rely on the forest for their survival. That’s why it’s more important than ever for Cool Earth to have the support of smart businesses like you to continue working alongside local people, reducing deforestation, and taking essential climate action.

We hope you enjoy the article and find it insightful.


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