January 2021 Blog
January 2021 Blog

2021: Putting people first.

Forest conservation is undeniably complex. Add a global pandemic into the broad range of natural, social and economic threats to rainforest, and it becomes clear that one approach to keeping trees standing just won’t cut it.

It’s why, in 2021, Cool Earth will continue to become more locally-led than ever before. We’ve learned time and again that an agile response to conservation that puts local needs first is the most effective way to support communities and protect rainforest.

“The world of conservation is a complex world, there is no single solution. This challenge is even greater when working with indigenous communities located in remote areas. Furthermore, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that maintaining a flexible approach and adaptive management is essential for any organisation working on development issues. “
Isabel Felandro, Peru Project Manager

The solutions to forest conservation are just as complex and varied as the drivers of deforestation. But, once we understand that primarily, multidimensional poverty is the key driver of much forest loss, we can learn to address the root causes of financial insecurity to change lives and protect forest.

In 2021, it’s people-first all the way for Cool Earth to keep forest standing strong. Indigenous people are inheritors and practitioners of unique ways of relating to people and the environment and protect nearly 22% of Earth’s surface and 80% of biodiversity. It’s this knowledge and expertise that is essential if we are to take meaningful action to preserve species habitats, tackle deforestation and reduce the negative impacts of climate breakdown already being felt worldwide.

We know that local people know more about protecting their forest than we ever will. It’s why we are determined that this knowledge is put first, scaled-up and shared in the coming years to make a real difference. By further forming effective, informed networks this year, Cool Earth will partner with local organisations that utilise essential local knowledge and take meaningful action. Forming these relationships will ensure we can find the best ways to help people feed their families, reduce pressure on their forest and plan for the future.

Thanks to your backing, Cool Earth will work in 2021 to seek, develop, share and scale-up these approaches. By opening up opportunities for people to earn a living, we can help communities increase local resilience, work with their forest and plan for the future.

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