June 2020 Social Media Pack Blog

"If it wasn't for Cool Earth, I wouldn’t be here today," María Motikiri

Broadcast on 31 May by Naturalist and TV Presenter Gillian Burke, Cool Earth’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal took listeners to the Peruvian Amazon to meet María.

If you haven’t heard her inspiring story yet, do click here to listen to the three-minute appeal. 

Gillian tells listeners about María. Having fallen severely ill a few years ago, María overcame great adversity and multiple challenges with Cool Earth’s timely support. She is now chief of her community, part of a successful cacao-growing, income-generation project and inspires others to keep their forest standing.

But María’s is only one story. Millions face challenges like hers every day and need our help. Earth’s rainforests, and those who call them home, are constantly under threat from illegal logging, palm oil companies, fires, and now, the intense and far-reaching effects of a global pandemic.

Covid-19 is the latest threat to households and habitats in the rainforest. But unlike droughts, loggers, typhoons and floods, this virus is hitting every rainforest community simultaneously and in the same way. Supply chains are broken, fresh food prices have tripled and misinformation is spreading fast. 

Our partnerships have requested our help with basic needs like food, medicine and sanitation supplies. Fortunately, our local links and strong partnerships mean we have been able to provide support quickly and effectively, offering immediate aid and supplies to help them plan for the future.

Just like María, people in rainforest communities around the world need immediate help during this crisis and support to be able to plan for a sustainable future. People cannot protect their trees if they cannot afford to feed themselves and their families first.

Your support is more important than ever. By helping Cool Earth’s work with indigenous people, you are helping to halt deforestation and support those most vulnerable to climate change. Thank you for helping feed people today to keep rainforest safe tomorrow.

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