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May 2019 Social Media Pack Blog

If there’s one thing we’ve seen, it’s that 2019 is becoming the year where climate concerns become climate actions. Outrage and optimism are tackling climate breakdown head on.

From climate change on prime time TV to children striking for the climate, there’s a cultural momentum for good. It’s no longer a debate, but a demand. Climate positive decisions are becoming the new normal.

It’s essential to keep the momentum going. This could just be as simple as a conversation or supporting effective action that tackles climate breakdown globally.

As all successful people-led businesses know, smartest turning point could be born through a single conversation. We can do the same for the planet. Whether it’s a chat around the dinner table or a key part of the agenda at a company away day, the power of a conversation should not be underestimated. It will continue to change the world.

Children holding up letters spelling BIODIVERSIDAD

On May 1st, a Climate Emergency was declared in the UK as a result of this rising demand for action. This means more resources will be put in place locally to take further action on helping reduce carbon emissions.⁣

But if these actions are to effectively combat climate breakdown, they must be backed by far-reaching plans for reducing carbon emissions, not just in the UK but around the world too.

Put simply, the core of all plans must focus on scaling up renewable energy worldwide and protecting tropical forests, as well as all of us keeping the conversation going.

Global deforestation continues to grow, jeopardising our ability to tackle climate change and the rapid loss of wildlife. We’re already seeing the global impacts – from mass species extinction to European heatwaves directly attributable to rainforest loss in the tropics.⁣

The renewable energy revolution is already changing society for the better. We now need to put our support behind another technology; rainforest. It is essential if we want to prevent billions of tonnes of CO2 emissions, and bridge the gap between today and a carbon-neutral future.

With International Children’s Day approaching, it’s a chance to reflect on how we can make the world better for future generations. It’s down to switching to renewables and protecting rainforests to bridge the gap to a carbon-neutral future.

We all have that one thing we heard that spurred us into climate action. That’s where the conversation comes in; you never know who you might inspire.


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