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Decisions, decisions, decisions.

We make 35,000 choices each and every day – not that we counted.

Tea or coffee, this shirt or that dress. Deciding whether to trawl Netflix, or just read a book.

Choice is something most of us, nearly all of us, have – making the right choice, however, is not always easy.

You may have seen our posts from the “Make Your Choice” campaign. Launched on Earth Day, we built on the idea that we all have power, choices to make in fighting climate change. The choice to believe that people can fight climate breakdown and regenerate the planet. A decision like this is something we all need to make in order to propel us into action.

Having belief in something taps into monumental inner power, potent energy that we could all do more of in our lives, personally and for the planet. Think about truly amazing things that have happened in the past 50 years; in women’s rights, in black rights, in technology and medicine, in food. All those brilliant and accomplished people would have encountered many deadening “noes”, the “it can’t happen”, and the “it won’t happen” comments. Maybe you even got some of those today. In the face of doubt and negativity, the power of self-belief led to success, victory. A little hope and optimism can and will change the world. It already has many times over.

To believe whether or not we can successfully fight climate change was an easy choice for us. Then again it would be when you get to see what people can accomplish. People with the right backing, the right resources and yes, the right heart every day. We know about the hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest protected. The hugely effective education programmes and valuable research initiatives happening right now. Best of all, we know and celebrate the human lives enriched thanks to your support and action from people. Some say you can’t put a price on security, home and health – we know differently. We know that cash is king. Money, like belief, is an energy that drives real action and real change.

“We should be hopeful. But hope doesn’t come from words. Hope only comes from action.”
– Greta Thunberg

It’s incredible what good you can do from an office chair, your bed, heck, even your toilet. A like, a share, a few quid here and there all helps – so if you watched our film or shared a #CoolEarthChoices, thank you and thank you for your ongoing support. We already know what you believe in. We know your decision, your choice, it’s people, optimism and hope. That’s why you stand with us.

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