September 2020 Social Media Pack Blog

We are all in this crisis together, but it’s not a level playing field.

Since the pandemic began, many indigenous communities have closed their territories and self-isolated, working with local organisations to ensure food sovereignty and keep the virus at bay. Despite this, the spread of Covid-19 across Amazonian indigenous territories is now a reality, with the number of cases in the Peruvian Amazon increasing every day.

Cool Earth’s committed business partners have rallied over the past few months, helping rainforest communities through this crisis. It has meant that Cool Earth and our local partners have been able to provide essential food supplies to communities in need.

Now, as the virus spreads we face a new challenge. Covid-19 is reaching remote, indigenous communities and the impact is already devastating lives. Without the necessary medical resources to care for patients, the virus has the potential to overwhelm whole regions, including Cool Earth’s Awajún and Asháninka partnerships. Many health workers are infected, there is a lack of oxygen support and river ambulances able to reach remote villages are in short supply.

“Cases are countless, and deaths are under-registered.”
Somos Amazonia

Cool Earth has joined forces with Somos Amazonia and Plataformas de Pueblos amazónicos en la pandemia de Covid 19, collectives of supporters and indigenous organisations working to help Amazonian communities through this crisis. Money provided is buying medicines, ventilation equipment, PPE to health workers and facilitating transfers to hospital. With so few medical staff locally, this is vital not only for the survival of patients, but for the protection of doctors and nurses too.

We owe rainforest people everything. Local communities keep carbon-storing, wildlife-homing rainforest standing strong. Without their stewardship, knowledge and traditions of keeping the forest protected we would be losing it at a far greater scale. We’re committed to supporting rainforest communities through the range of threats that come their way.

It’s a difficult year for people and planet, but we can do a huge amount of good together. Thanks to your support, we are committed to getting help to those who need it.

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