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Aerial view of a dense rainforest canopy in Cambodia.

Feast on our top 10 blogs buffet

Our top 10 popular blogs since we put our new website live.


We all wish we could spend more time reading right? Knowledge is power. To undo the climate crisis information is one of the many tools we need to inspire, challenge views and get spark action.

Since we put our new website live back in November last year, thousands of you have visited our site and read our content (thank you so much) and these top 10 blog posts have been the most popular by far. So, if you feel the need to read – get down to it today.


Here are our top 10 blogs:


🌴 Global Forest Watch Report: The Results Are In
Global Forest Watch released its annual analysis of 2021 tree cover loss and our Forest Impacts Analyst Matt Proctor gave us the lowdown.

🌴 Tip the Amazon Rainforest into the Green
The Amazon Rainforest is in flux due to exploitation and increasing climate pressures, but how can people like you help keep it stable?

The sun rises over misty Amazonian forest.

Low morning sun over a village near Cutivireni in the Peruvian Amazon

🌴 Moments that fuelled radical climate optimism in 2021
This first issue of our Bright Side blog series brought you radical climate optimism with stories of action directly from rainforest.

🌴 Sustainable Farming in Rainforest
Forget Jack and the giant beanstalk… this is Marin and the rainforest-protecting beanstalk.

🌴 Reinforcing Relationships in Rainforest
Our Peru-based team met with two Awajún communities, our partners in protecting rainforest, to get the forest agreement signed – an agreement that represents a relationship built on trust.

A signed document is held up to the camera over a handshake.

Isabel, Peru Programme Manager, and Robin, chief of Huaracayo, signing the forest agreement for 2022.

🌴 Finding optimism in the latest IPCC Report (it wasn’t easy)
Three takeaways from the IPCC report that we can use to inspire the radical, climate optimism needed to create environmental change.

🌴 Saving the rainforest: a matter of life and death?
The tragic passing of Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo Pereira is a shocking reminder of the violence that many who protect rainforest face.

🌴 Tackling Deforestation with Football
In Cameroon, football is by far the most popular sport and CCREAD saw an opportunity to solve a problem.

5 teammates sit on the sidelines watching a game of football, forest covered hills are in the distant background.

Football – the most popular sport in Cameroon and an opportunity to bring communities together.

🌴 The Next Generation of Ecologists Lives in Rainforest
When traditional and academic knowledge collide, incredible things are learnt, shared and discovered.

🌴 Conservation in Cambodia
Our partnership in Cambodia was a successful one – not just for the people and rainforest.

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