A seed is held to the camera between thumb and forefinger.

Sustainable farming in rainforest

Forget Jack and the giant beanstalk... this is Marin, and the rainforest-protecting beanstalk.

We see a man called Marin wearing a blue shirt and shorts in a small area of cleared rainforest. He looks content and happy with himself looking in to the camera holding a machete with its tip on the ground.

Marin is an Inga expert and has pioneered the use of this miracle crop with Awajún communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

Marin is an Awajún expert in sustainable farming and works in the world’s largest rainforest: The Amazon.

Millions of people call the Amazon home.  That home is now changing, with the impact of the climate crisis and the pressure of extractive industries.

People are fighting back against these challenges and you can help them thrive.

When food security is low, people like Marin rise to it.

You can’t protect rainforest in bad health or with poor nutrition. This is why we work directly with people living in rainforest to support them and address issues like food insecurity. Healthy people = healthy rainforest.

By championing a crop called Inga, people like Marin not only combat food security issues but also promotes sustainable farming in rainforest too.

Inga is a fast-growing short-cycle crop that is low-impact, fixes nitrates in the soil and produces (you guessed it) beans. Beans that taste like ice cream!

So, are Inga Beans magic?

As impressive as they are, no. But people like Marin are.

His work is innovative, adaptive, and inspires others. Putting these rainforest-saving beans in the hands of people living in rainforest (along with the know-how of how to grow them) helps fight to protect these vital carbon sinks.

It’s initiatives like this that need to grow.

The puns may be bad, but these initiatives are truly good. The more Marin and people like him can channel their talent, skills and knowledge, the more rainforest can be protected. So Marin, thank you.

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Since I was a child, I didn’t like the idea of the forest disappearing. I always wished that we could conserve it. - Marin

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