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Cool Earth thinks differently about how rainforest is protected. We start with the people who can make the biggest difference today.
Our supporters think the same.

From day one, Cool Earth has grown with the help of businesses looking to make an immediate impact for the long-term. Becoming a central part of our partnerships means your team and customers stand behind the villages that can halt rainforest destruction.

Business Partners Barista Hustle Barista Hustle made the smart decision in 2017 to support Cool Earth, ensuring their footprint is carbon negative.
Business Partners MEDIATREE Mediatree looks to mitigate carbon emissions by supporting Cool Earth and specifically the Awajún to protect their home – the Peruvian Amazon.
Business Partners Verdun PR Verdun PR is passionately helping Cool Earth to spread their vital messages and raise awareness of the rainforest and indigenous communities in the UK media
Business Partners Doorstep Skis Doorstep Skis are one of Cool Earth's longest supporters, having been protecting rainforest since 2011
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Business Partners Woodprint and Woodmap

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